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Tim Lane

Tim Lane paints largely from his imagination; painting people especially without need of any reference. Animals and some other more specific elements, however are a sort of a ‘frankenstein-esque’ composition of various different visual references, but never directly copied.

The paintings are arrived at organically, like a story unfolding, always with this over-arching theme of death; evoking a dark sense of mystery and mood. He is interested always in convincingly capturing the emotional interactions between his characters, which make the images more emotive and affecting.


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John Pusateri

Isn’t this a beautiful series of pencil, charcoal, and pastels of birds with fantastic intricate details by New Zeland painter John Pusateri?

5762411_orig 515993_orig 5240238_orig

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Erwin Polanc

Erwin Polanc is an austrian photographer who focuses on the rapidly diminishing mining community not far from his hometown Eisenert, which has decreased in population by over 10.000 in the last 60 years. Once a thriving source of work and livelihood, the mountains now ominously shadow over Eisenerz’s former prosperity. With the young leaving in droves and the retirement homes growing each day, Polanc examines those who have chosen to stay in this dying community. 8790 is about a town at a haunting standstill, the images recording the landscape and personal stories of survival one day at a time.

Erwin_Polanc_16 Erwin_Polanc_13

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Jules Julien

Jules Julien is a French illustrator. He lives and works in Paris. Julien has created work for clients such as Diesel, Acer Computer, Playstation, and Grazia Magazine.

jjblue7 jjblue9 jjblue8

More about Jules Julien and his illustrations here.

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Never heard of rrrrrrrroll? Well, me neither until today. rrrrrrrroll is an anonymous art collective of at least three individual photographers who creat brief animated gifs of spinning objects and people but never publicly credited themselves.  Although the aesthetic is somewhat rigid, with desaturated colors and only isolated objects set in motion, each new animation remains just as intriguing week after week.

roll09 roll02 roll03

See more of their work on Tumblr

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Lu Cong

Lu Cong was born in Shanghai, in 1978.  He immigrated to the United States in 1989 at the age of 11.  After graduating from the University of Iowa with degrees in Biology and Art in 2000, Lu chose to pursue portrait art over medicine.  His early works were large and sensational, though they were painted with exaggerated melodrama and pathos, his keen insight and sensitivity towards his subjects were nonetheless evident.  Between 2003 and 2007, Lu was recognized by a number of art publications as a notable emerging artist.  Since then, Lu has developed a distinctive look that many has regarded as an original approach to figurative realism.  His portraits do not simply capture the physical or emotional likeness of the subject, rather they beckon to establish an authentic engagement – interaction that ensues when one comes face to face with the sensual, the inexplicable, and the unsettling.


Find more of Lu Congs paintings here.

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Thierry Carrier

Thierry Carrier was born in 1973 in Bort-les-Orgues (France). He lives and works in Lot.

In 1992, he got his baccalaureate of Applied Arts in Aurillac. Then, he studied at the Beaux-Arts in Toulouse but he quit his studies because he realized that they didn’t fit his expectations. From 2000 to 2004, he worked as a technical assistant at the FRAC Auvergne in Clermont-Ferrand. In 2005 Carrier worked for 3 months as a technical assistant for the installation of the exhibition “llya Kabakov” at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary art Les Abattoirs in Toulouse. Since 2006, he has been a member of the Maison des Artistes.


This is what the artist says about his work:
“Today I practice, through a sensitive reading, a “comprehensible” art.
The characters represented in my canvases, (which are often my own representation) are in no case anchored in a geographical recognizable space. The paintings have no title and this way, do not meet the usual codes of a portrait maker. We are faced with various situations of a state, a world of silence, a simple representation of the human being, a being in suspense and unfathomable, a painting reflecting my own aspiration to silence.”

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Anoek Steketee

After studying photography at the Royal Academie of Arts in The Hague, Anoek Steketee began to work as a freelance photographer while also undertaking her personal long term projects, which includes Frontstage, about the imposed theatre of public life in Iran and the roleplay of the individual at public places. The serie has been published in various magazines such as The Guardian Weekend, Vrij Nederland , Exit and Zoom and has been exhibited internationally.


Her latest serie, Dream City, named after an amusementpark in Iraq, is the result of a journey through the constructed world of amusementparks in collaboration with writer Eefje Blankevoort. From 2006 until 2010 they visited together amusementparks in various countries over the world. Different parts of the series have been published in Vrij Nederland, D-Repubblica, Internazionale and Ojodepez.
The book Dream City – which contains photographs, backgroundstories and personal stories of visitors and employees of the amusementparks – will be published in spring 2011 in an english and dutch edition. The exhibition combined with an educational program will tour from 2011 to various countries, starting in europe.

Currently Anoek works on a project about a popular radiosoap in Rwanda.
Since 2006 Anoek has been represented by gallery Gabriel Rolt, based in Amsterdam.



During a trip through Iraqi-Kurdistan in 2006, Anoek and Eefje Blankevoort found theirselves in the amusement park in Duhok, an unexciting town near the border with Turkey and Syria. Reports of attacks, kidnappings and sectarian violence filled the newspapers on a daily basis. Meanwhile, they ate ice cream, rode on the Ferris wheel and talked to the park’s diverse visitors. In the park’s pleasant but equally surreal surroundings, visitors talked frankly about their daily lives, their fears, hopes and dreams for the future. Kurds, Arabs and American soldiers, Christians and Muslims, Shiites and Sunnis; segments of the Iraqi population that were submerged in a deadly struggle outside the gates, amiably rubbed shoulders in Dream City.

This visit has been the starting point of a journey along the constructed world of amusement parks in diverse places in the world. From 2006 until 2010 Anoek and Eefje visited amusement parks in Iraq (Dream City), Lebanon (Beirut Lunapark), Israel (Superland), the Palestinian Territories (Funland), Rwanda (Bambino Supercity), Colombia (Hacienda Napoles& Jaime Duque), Indonesia (Dunia Fantasia), China (Nanhu&Shimlong), Turkmenistan (Turkmenbashi’s World of Fairy Tales) and the USA (Dollywood).

Although the cultural, sociological and political context of each place differs greatly, the parks’ uniform appearance forms the universally recognisable backdrop. With their sparkling lights, fairy-tale scenery and perfectly maintained gardens, the parks all derive their value from the universal and timeless human need to escape from daily reality in a communal constructed space, surrounded by a fence.

During their travels, it became increasingly apparent to them that an amusement park is more than just a place to have fun; it often also plays a highly symbolic role. The origin, location and chosen theme of the amusement park offer meaningful insights into the socio-political situation of the country in which it is situated. Behind the subject’s innocent, light-hearted exterior lurks a darker, staged core, which raises questions about the way different realities can be depicted.


You can purchase the Book Dreamcity for 40€

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